Kitchen Witchery
Sex Drive in a Sachet


You will need:

° cinnamon
° cloves
° nutmeg
° sandalwood
° a square piece of cloth
° thread or cord
° a candle

Put all of the herbs into a the cloth and tie it. Above are the herbs that I prefer to use, but if there are scents that you find more erotic, use those instead. Light your candle and allow yourself to fantasize. How much sex do you want, how good do you want it? Let your imagination run wild, and feed that into the sachet. Keep it by your bed.


Corn Moon Altar! What a beautiful evening it was. Blessed be!


And here is an other pic, a bit more messy on that side :P #altar #pagan #witch #ouijaboard #candles #Ilovecandles


Cleaned and rearranged my altar space today! Odin and Thor switched spots, and I moved them up onto the fur with some of those crystals I’ve had for like, ever. Gonna burn some sage until I get sick of the smell, then maybe I’ll bring in some offerings of booze.

I might move that print of Yggdrasil, it’s pretty obscured… hmm.



Marienfluss, Kunene Region, Namibia


Epidote and Quartz - Imilchil, Morocco